Market Terms

We don't know everything about the markets.  We're just devoted to learners.  Taken from those smarter than ourselves, here's how we define Hyperwave.

A theory that is used as a way to describe a blowing bubble.  It is made up of specified signals at specified times which may predict future movements with varying accuracy.  Essentially, at certain times the price won’t go above a certain range, and at others, it won’t fall below another range.  A hyperwave cycle shows horizontal movement (phase 1) followed by explosive, exponential growth (phases 2-4), then a steep drop (phase 5), a sharp rise to near peak (phase 6), then another rapid drop to pre-hyperwave levels (phase 7, the final phase).  While in phase 2, the stock has a 20% chance of continuing the progression.  But once it’s in phase 3, the probability of completion rises to 85%, and near 100% by phase 4.  Proponents of this theory in relation to bitcoin argue that bitcoin will return to $1,000 (or the start of the hyperwave).